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What's included?

Access to the “Designed.” by Body Optic Fitness App: everything you need in the health, fitness, lifting, athletics, nutrition, mobility, and other realms to make a MONSTROUS transformation.

All delivered to you in a web & mobile app (apple or android), with monthly training cycles for EVERYONE depending on your goals, form videos, nutrition planning, built in tracking, and accountability.

And us along the way guiding you, adding more programs, information, tweaks, as we grow together, building the world’s first real digital Library of Alexandria as it pertains to all things in the human body.

Access to the “Designed.” by BodyOptic Community: a place to host more in depth content in the health and fitness space and breakdowns, live or virtual events, EXCLUSIVE podcasts (yes we are gonna start having some guests on and doing some shows), fun lifestyle videos (think Nelk boys or Paul brothers, but instead it’s Kdot and I vibing), curated music playlists for EVERY occasion, deep content in areas we really don’t like to ever talk about on the timeline, behind the scenes, discounts or insider access to projects we work on, entry into a deep and talented network. Essentially, you are getting an express pass into our brains and giving you anything we can to continue to help your training, and also just share what we have learned in a cool format.

Access to the “Designed.” by BodyOptic Chat: a place where you can get instant updates, stay in touch with all things designed., give feedback, and truly help us help you, while building the best product we possibly can. 

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Designed by BodyOptic

14 ratings